22 octobre, 2014Boating Holiday in Amieira

I am writing to say how impressed we were with the Nicols operation at Amieira – the best base in terms of service that we have experienced with Nicols. The Grande Largo was a different experience to any boating holiday that we have done in France! but was equally enjoyable.

Thank you for organising the booking so well –

With best wishes
Susie Ward

20 juillet, 2013Beautiful countryside

Beautiful countryside with picturesque small cities. Strasbourg was beautiful with great restaurants ans an amazing ambiance.

  • By: Jeppe/ Denmark
  • Novice sailors: Yes
  • Type of crew: Friends
  • Dates & duration: 06/07/2013
  • Base/Region/Boat: Saverne/ Alsace / Confort 1100 Arziller

Chugging on the river, very quiet, good swimming. Clean, locking. Good fun. Eating out !

  • By: Vicki / GLASGOW – Scotland
  • Novice sailors: no
  • Type of crew: Couple
  • Dates & duration: 08/07/2013 – 1 week
  • Base/Region/Boat: Sireuil / Charente / N800

A different way of exploring the Charente: a fascinating journey and a delight for the eyes. Would definitely do it again.

  • By: Jean-Marie and Dominique
  • Novice sailors: no
  • Type of crew: Family
  • Dates & duration: 25/06/2013 – 1 week
  • Base/Region/Boat: Sireuil / Charente / PRIMO

14-croisiere-fluviale-ecluse-Jarnac 17-vacances-fluviale-peche-au-bord-du-fleuve-charente 46-location-de-bateaux-fluviaux-nicols-octo-saint-simeux

5 juillet, 2013Liberty of live

Liberty of live and freedom, nice restaurants along the route, tranquility.

  • By: Dirk / Zvienkerke – Belgique
  • Novice sailors: no
  • Type of crew: Couples and friends
  • Dates & duration: 24/06/2013 – 1 week
  • Base/Region/Boat: Le Somail / Midi / QUATTRO

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